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  Grass-Fed Beef Recipes - Smoked Brisket


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  Brandon Natural Beef - Our 100% Grass Fed Beef    

Smoke 100% Grass-fed Brisket

I have adapted this recipe from Smoke and Spice, by Cheryl and Bill Jamieson (Harvard Common Press. 2003). It is a great cookbook for BBQ and smoking recipe inspiration.  Start the day before, as you will apply a rub to your brisket to set overnight before smoking.

Serves 4-6  (Brisket shrinks during smoking) 

6-7 lbs. whole 100% grass fed beef Brisket with fat cap left on (thawed about 2 days) 

Rub: (Adapted from “Dallas Dandy Rub” page 107, Smoke and Spice). 

4 Tablespoons smoky salt (Maldons is very good) or Kosher, if you don’t have smoky salt 

4 Tablespoons packed brown sugar 

4 Tablespoons paprika (Optional: Add 1 Tablespoon Smoky Paprika if you don’t have smoky salt) 

4 Tablespoons chili powder 

2 Tablespoons freshly ground pepper 

1 Tablespoon cumin 

1 Tablespoon garlic powder

Apply Rub:  Combine all rub ingredients.  Dry your thawed brisket and rub to cover meat--about 2/3 to 3/4 batch of rub. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours. Don’t worry if you use up your rub. Make another batch, as you will need more for smoking.

Smoking Brisket:  Remove brisket from refrigerator 2 hours before you plan to smoke. Pat down the brisket to remove any moisture and add additional rub to cover brisket thoroughly.  

Soak 3-4 cups of preferred wood chips (We like mesquite) in water for 2 hours.

Prepare smoker. (Each smoker varies so use directions for preparation). We did use a water bowl.

Heat smoker and place brisket fat side up on smoker grate. Cook 6-8 hours at heat of 225 degrees. Add chips as necessary. Smoke brisket until it reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees. Check at 6 hours and cook longer if necessary. We don’t use BBQ sauce but you could add BBQ sauce in the last hour.

Let your brisket rest for 20 minutes and then slice it across the grain to serve. Smoked brisket is wonderful the following day, either consumed as a snack or another meal. 

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