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Ground Beef

Combo Packs:

Steak and GB Pack-20 lb
Slow Cook and GB Pack-20 lb
Premium Steak Pack-10 lb.
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Quarter Cow

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Slow Cook Cuts

The natural health of our cattle means good and healthy beef for you!

Our Bay Area Customers Rave: 

"...steaks are tender and juicy.."

"..delicious in flavor.."

"..we are exceptionally pleased.."

"..absolutely incredible.."

"..the filets from last month's (delivery) were so amazing..we  have been savoring them.."

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  Brandon Natural Beef - Our 100% Grass Fed Beef    



Welcome to Brandon Natural Beef's 100% grass-fed beef web store. We are the exclusive provider of Colorado high pasture 100% grass-fed beef in the Bay Area. For seven years, we have sourced our 100% grass fed beef from Music Meadows Ranch in Westcliffe Colorado.  Like a fine wine, the taste of our beef reflects the unique terroir of Colorado's Wet Mountain Valley.  Healthy great tasting 100% grass-fed meats from some of the premium ranching country in the U.S. will enrich your menus and your health. 
Why would you want to buy grass fed beef?

First of all, it’ is more healthy for you than feed-lot grain fed and finished animals. Our cattle are raised in natural high altitude alpine pastures where they only graze on wild grasses and drink live mountain stream water--no grain, no feedlots, no antibiotics, no hormones.  Grazing on natural grasses increases the amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in our beef, making our beef a healthier and tastier choice.  Beef from cattle raised solely on grass is better for you, the land and the animal. Click here to read about all the benefits of eating grass-fed meats.

Second of all, it tastes delicious! Grass-fed Beef is lean and has the best flavor you’ll ever taste. We guarantee that our meats will provide satisfaction to you and your family. You won’t want to purchase meat from the store after you’ve tasted the great quality of our grass-fed beef. 

Brandon Natural Beef's  grass-fed beef is available in 10 to 20 lb. boxes, quarters and steak packs. Our packages offer variety and value so that our customers can enjoy 100% grass fed beef as a regular and healthy part of their diet. 

Looking for some great meal ideas? Try these delicious 100% grass-fed beef recipes

Live in San Francisco? We deliver direct to you. 

Ready to buy? Click below to order one of our packages. We deliver to your home in San Francisco and provide local pickup centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here for details

Steak Packs Slow Cook and Organ Packs  Ground Beef Packs

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