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  Cooking Grass- fed Ground Beef


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  Brandon Natural Beef - Our 100% Grass Fed Beef    

Cooking Grass Fed Ground Beef Tips

To begin cooking grass fed ground beef remove beef from packaging and pat dry. Form ½-inch patties and then using your index finger or thumb, gently indent center of patty. Rub a touch of olive oil and salt and pepper patties and place over hot coals or in a hot cast iron pan. Cook 4 minutes per side for rare/medium-rare or 5 minutes per side for medium doneness. Do not over cook. Transfer to a plate, tent with foil and let rest a few minutes. Enjoy!

Adding Cheese: We think the best cheese on 100% Grass fed burgers is Blue cheese. Add it just before the burger finishes cooking, or stick it inside your burger before you start cooking. Feta and a bit of Oregano is also very good.

BOB'S ALPINE SLIDERS - 1 lb ground beef makes 8 sliders

The moisture and mild taste of the onion adds a great flavor to these little sliders. Even if someone does not want the onion, the flavor is great. Since they are small, serve them on small rolls or just as they are. They are great for appetizers or hors d’ouevres.

Cut up a whole onion and and saute in butter (about 1-2 tablespoons) in a cast iron; While browning, place 1lb ground chuck on a cutting board; cover in saran wrap and with a rolling pin, roll beef out to about 3/8-1/2”. Cut//shape sliders into 8 squares.

Put squares on top of browned onion and press down into onion. Cook on medium high heat. Flip them after about 3-5 minutes and cook until medium rare (about 3 minutes longer)!

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