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  Product Quality & Safety


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  Brandon Natural Beef - Our 100% Grass Fed Beef    

Brandon Natural Beef is dedicated to product quality and safety.

Product quality and safety starts with the highest level of care, respect
and humane treatment of our cattle. As a provider of  100% grass- fed beef, we engage only
with companies which have the same dedication to these principals as we do.

1.  Pasture raised, grass-fed beef is an inherently safer product than grain-fed beef from concentrated feedlots. Our cattle spend their entire lives on pasture forage. The concentrations of the pathogen e-coli in the internal systems of grass-fed cattle are much lower than for those cattle finished on a grain intensive diet. The natural diet of grass promotes a balanced body chemistry for the animals, allowing them to have well-functioning immune systems.  

2. Our processor, G&C Packing, is a USDA inspected facility in continuous operation for sixty-five years. It maintains a high degree of control, which can be compromised in more rapid production line processing. In addition, G&C Packing is a certified Humane Facility.  G&C is a small, state of the art processor and slaughters only in batches-not huge lots like large industrial style processors.  G&C processes our beef safely and cleanly to produce the highest quality product possible. Instead of slaughtering 400 cattle in an hour, G&C only processes 80-100 cattle in a day. The difference is huge. It is a slower-paced, more humane process, which is very important to us.

3. When customers purchase Brandon Natural Beef, they can be confident in the source of the beef and how it was processed. Our Rancher personally selects each animal for the Brandon Natural Beef grass-fed program. She keeps comprehensive records for each animal, ranching from genetics to veterinary records. At the processing plant, bar codes are utilized to ensure that Brandon Natural Beef's product stays segregated from other beef in the plant. These records allow product traceability and source verification which ensures our customers that they are getting 100% grass-fed beef which was humanely processed.

4. Our cattle undergo less stress than most-particularly during the slaughtering process. they are raised on pastures only about a 90 minute drive from the slaughtering facility. Typically, cattle are trucked much farther from ranches to slaughter. Research seems to indicate that stress during the slaughtering process is a major factor reducing beef quality. Due to the geographic closeness of the ranch and the slaughter facility, stress is much reduced to the benefit of the cattle and the beef.

Please see Learn More for additional information on Product Quality and Safety.

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